Flavoursome, natural NZ charcuterie from beef and lamb.

The flavour of
New Zealand

A celebration of New Zealand’s top lamb and beef naturally cured with Marlborough organic sea salt, our own culture strain, kawakawa, horipito and our special selection of sun-dried seaweeds.

The result is charcuterie with umami flavours made from the finest fauna of New Zealand, naturally cured with organic salt from our oceans and finished with our native flora. We bring you the true flavour of New Zealand.

Epicoria Beef

Naturally cured New Zealand free-range grass-fed beef, inspired by bresaola, a northern Italian delicacy

Epicoria Lamb

New Zealand free-range, grass-fed lamb, cured on the bone for a minimum

of 50 days, massaged with indigenous

herbs and seaweeds.

A chef and a scientist

When kiwi Rachel, an Italian chef and charcutier returned to New Zealand, she missed Italian cured meats so much that she started making her own at Prodigal Daughter Gourmet Lodge.

Mike, the scientist, spent 10 years researching meat quality in New Zealand. He posed a challenge – to make world-leading charcuterie from New Zealand’s top grass-fed meats.

A six year journey began, starting in the paddock with New Zealand beef and lamb farmers, working with scientific food innovators and Italian charcutiers, to develop an amazing set of new cured meat products from the ground up.

- Free-range
- Grass-fed
- No GMO
- No antibiotics
- No chemical nitrates
- Gluten-free

Nature’s Power Pack

Compared to grain-fed meats, grass-fed red meat is higher in vitamins A and E, lower in fat, has more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with a healthier omega-6 and omega-3 ratio. Packed full of complete protein, bioavailable iron, zinc and vitamin B12, with extra dietary bioactives creatine, carnitine and carnosine plus antioxidants. New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb is aptly named Natures’ Power Pack.


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